Software Testing Services



Gary Edward Mogyorodi is an independent consultant with over 30 years of experience in the computing industry. Mr. Mogyorodi consults, trains and mentors in software testing, specializing in Requirements-Based Testing since 1998, and has held roles as Test Manager, Product Manager and Quality Assurance Manager. Prior to that, Mr. Mogyorodi worked for a major steel company in Canada. From 1993, Mr. Mogyorodi was a Quality Assurance and Software Testing Specialist, managing testing efforts, developing testing methodologies, and creating standards and procedures for quality assurance and testing. Prior to that, he worked as a Manager of Software Development.

Mr. Mogyorodi obtained a B. Math degree from the University of Waterloo, and an M.B.A. from McMaster University.

Mr. Mogyorodi is an accredited ISTQB instructor has the following certifications:

Certified Tester, Foundation Level (CTFL)

Certified Tester, Advanced Level - Functional Tester (CTAL-FT)

Certified Tester, Advanced Level - Test Manager (CTAL-TM)

Mr. Mogyorodi has delivered presentations at events including the (STC) Software Technology Conference (2001 and 2003), CQAA (Chicago Quality Assurance Association) (2000), the Star West Conference (2001) and the Star East Conference (2003), the SQF (Software Quality Forum) (2000), the Toronto SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) (2001), the PSQT/PSTT (Practical Software Quality Techniques/Practical Software Testing Techniques) North Conference (2002, 2001), the PSQT/PSTT South Conference (2002), the International Quality Conference (2003, 2005), and STARCanada in 2013.


Mr. Mogyorodi has published articles in trade magazines - twice in CrossTalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering, twice in The Journal of Software Testing Professionals, and twice in Testing Experience.